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Small Group Tour

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are your fees?

A: A $50 deposit per person will be required at time of us signing the contract to work together. The remainder of the fees can be divided among the group. There are two fees: One if  you are the group leader and a higher fee (and higher deposit) if you need me to be onsite in Scotland

Q: What do I need to do? 

A: You would need to secure a minimum of 11 other researchers to join you in Scotland for the week. Getting the group together will be your responsibility

Q: Where do we research? 

A: Small group tours will take place either in Edinburgh, Glasgow or Aberdeen. This is because public transit makes it easier for you to get to the research facilities. 

Q:Will you consider other places? 

A; Yes if  you have enough people who are interested. However, it can not be a large geographic area such as "the Highlands" since there is not the transportation available to get the group to where they would find the best results in their research

Q:Do you arrange flights and transportation?

A No. Getting to Scotland will be the responsibility of the individuals in the group. However, I can set you up with a travel agent who can assist.

Q: Do you book the hotel? 

A: Yes. I will work with the hotel to get a group discount but each individual will receive a reservation link to book their own rooms 

Q: Can non researching partners/companions also join the group? 

A: Yes! Generally the hotel will charge a nominal fee for the extra person in the room. This pays for their breakfast and the extra work for the hotel cleaning staff. 

Q:What is included?

A: Hotel, breakfast, itinerary, dedicated research time for your group, volunteers onsite to assist if you are in the family history centres. Pre tour preparation so that all members of the group have the chance to be ready to research when they arrive in Scotland. 

Q: What is not included?
A: Research fees, transportation to and from the airport or to and from the research facilities. Travel insurance is the responsibility of each individual in the group

Q: What is your cancelation policy?

A: 50% deposit refundable within 30 days; 25% deposit refundable 31-60 days. No refunds after 60 days from initial booking. 

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