Genealogy Tours of Scotland
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 Search Your Roots; Discover Your Heritage

Give yourself the gift of Heritage. Travel to Scotland, spend time in the archives and get access to records not available online.

A trip to your ancestral homeland is both awe-inspiring and humbling. It provides you with such a deep seated feeling of reverence knowing you stand in the same place where your ancestors walked. The sights, some of the landmarks and the sounds may have changed, but the deep emotion of knowing your great, great anyone once stood in the same spot you are now standing in, or worshipped in the same church you are visiting is incomparable. Pay tribute to your ancestors with a visit to their graveside.

Our organized genealogy trips allow you protected time at the various repositories where you can get professional help from the local archivists. Our trips help you put the dates, names and places on your research documents into perspective. We help you to breathe life into your family history research.

Travel with us to Scotland. Come search your roots and discover YOUR heritage.

Join us on our next 10 day trip to Edinburgh. See Tour Dates and Pricing Page to BOOK NOW.


Follow our genealogy journey on our May 2014 trip at:
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