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It is said that within three generations, we will be forgotten. As family historians, we know this to be true. Once our parents become ancestors, we lose our direct link to their grandparents. Family historians are the story keepers, the memory keepers and often the person entrusted to keep photographs, documents and other ephemera.


We work tirelessly and selflessly to ensure that the stories of our ancestors won't be forgotten, but we often overlook the fact that one day, we too, will become a memory and it is imperative that we are responsible about our own legacy.


This 270 page workbook will help you to take the steps necessary to document your own life story. It will guide you through the various stages of your life and will offer prompts to trigger long buried memories so that they can be documented and shared with future generations. The final segment will help you to construct a memory book - whether for yourself or for another person. 

The Story of YOU Workbook

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