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Ancestral tourism is a largely, untapped market. Learn from an expert on how to enter this rewarding aspect of family history research. 

 Topics for Talks and Workshops:

  • Get Started Researching Your Scottish Ancestors​​​ 

​           learn the basics to start finding your Scottish ancestors

  • Breaking Through Brick Walls in Scottish Research

​           learn srategies for moving  your research forward

  • ​        Navigating the ScotlandsPeople Website
  • ​Genealogy researchers have become accustomed to subscription websites and find navigating the ScotlandsPeople website to be too steep of a learning curve. Given that this is the ONLY place where you can access images of the actual documents held by the Registrar, it is critical that Scottish researchers are comfortable using the website
  • From Scotland to America

          the events that led to Scots leaving Scotland and settling in              America

  • Canada - Land and Opportunity

          finding new opportunities through enticements to settle in                Canada

  • Researching HBC and Western Metis Ancestors
  • ​​Scotland has had a long history with the Hudson's Bay Company. Beginning in about 1702, men from Orkney began being recruited by the Hudson's Bay Company to work in their settlement at York Factory. Many of these men had families with the Native women, creating the Metis Nation in Canada. In this presentation we will look at available records for the men who worked for the HBC as well as for Metis ancestral research. 
  • Colonizing Canada

​          While the Empire Settlement Act didn't come into effect until            1922, several incentives and initiatives were undertaken to              ensure that the new colony of Canada remained 'British' 

  • ​​Online Sources for Scottish Research

          have you exhausted the many online resources for finding                your Scottish ancestors?

  • Step Away From Your Computer: Using Scottish Libraries and Archives for Genealogy

          discover the wealth of records available in Scotland's                       libraries and archives

  • Those Poor Daft Scots, Researching Poor Law and Asylum records
  • Poor law and Asylum records offer rich details about the life of our ancestors. 
  • Making Sense of the Censuses
  • In this talk, we take a deeper look at the information that can be gleaned from the Scottish Census records. 
  • Preparing for a Genealogy Research Trip to Scotland

          Being prepared ahead of time will increase your success.               Let me help you get ready for the trip of a lifetime

  • Preserve Your Family History Research FOREVER
  • ​Learn how to use permanent online storage to organize your genealogy research. Learn about nesting albums to store your documents and photos according to family. The Forever guarantee is to store and preserve your precious photos, documents and videos for your life time plus 100 years. Guaranteed. Assign an account manager. Decide what happens to your photos andvideos after you are no longer here.
  • Sharing the Stories
    As family historians, we have an obligation to honour our ancestors and to share their stories with others. In tonight's webinar we will look at various ways to do just that. In this talk we will look at creating family history books, newsletters and blogs. We will discuss what to include in books, newsletters or on blogs as well as interviewing older relatives.
  • Back to Basics
  • Just getting started with your family history? Looking for  a refresher? Join me to talk about getting started on your genealogy journey. Learn where to start, how to document, where to look and who to interview. Learn to cite your sources so that it becomes a habit.
  • Create a Family History Book in an Evening
  • In this presentation, I will show you how to create a family history book, a book about a special event or holiday, or a story book about your ancestor, child, parent or sibling in just one evening.