Mary’s Meander’s Scottish Ancestral Tours are all about enabling you to take that step back in time and walk in the same villages, towns, – battlefields even – that were once trodden by your ancestors. Mary's Meander's offers personalized ancestral tours. 

Ian is passionate and knowledgeable about Scotland, especially his home regions of Dumfries & Galloway and the Scottish Borders. As an ancestral researcher and tour guide, he loves sharing his homeland’s stories and histories with visitors. Borders Journeys provides personalized ancestral tours for people looking to have a personal connection with their ancestors.


Chris Halliday of is a family historian based in Edinburgh and the Scottish Highlands. A former Family History Leader with the Highland Archive in Inverness, he has also spoken at Who Do You Think You Are? Live events. With Highland and Lowland ancestry, Chris is familiar with many of the resources that can aid your search for your Scottish roots. Chris is also a dedicated supporter of Ancestral Tourism and will provide personalized ancestral tours for people looking to have a more personal connection to their ancestors.