The Glasgow tour begins first thing on the Monday morning and runs until the end of Friday. There will be the option of joining us for a group dinner to close out our week together.

We will be staying at the Glasgow Marriott. Room fees include breakfast. 

Plans are for 5 days of research:

3 days at the Mitchell Library 
1/2 day at the Glasgow and West of Scotland FHS
1/2 day at the Lanarkshire FHS

1/2 day at the North Lanarkshire Archives

All research will be dependent on local Covid protocols. These will be shared with you prior to our time in Edinburgh. 

Optional events will be shared throughout the coming months and in plenty of time for people to decide whether or not to attend them. All optional events will be open to  anyone traveling with the tour (spouses, cousins, siblings etc) This includes the dinner on Friday evening. Type your paragraph here.