I feel so complete. I know now where I belong. I understand my grandparents better and why they held on so strongly to their Scottish heritage. I have a much deeper sense of respect and love for them after this research tour. 

Your organization and pre-tour preparation made everything so stress free. All we had to do was research and enjoy the country

where our ancestors lived.

Thank you! 

Included in Your Tour Fees

  • pre-tour preparation webinars
  • pre-tour preparation package
  • assistance to plan a visit to your ancestral part of Scotland
  • 7 nights accommodation
  • 7 full breakfasts
  • Overview of records in each facility
  • 5 full days of research
  • daily research fees
  • daily transportation to research facilities
  • optional evening tours
  • evening at the Taste of Scotland dinner and show

**Not included: airfare, ground transportation to and from airport**


About the Tour

In addition to dedicated research time, there will be time to explore Edinburgh - a city rich in history. The hotel is centrally located, making it easy to walk to Edinburgh Castle, the Royal Mile and the Grassmarket. 

Days of research will take place at Scotland'sPeople Centre (you can also book time in the Historical Search Room) and the National Library. Time at the NLS Maps Building is also available.  Daily fees for these research days are included in the tour fees. However, copies and downloads are not included. 

The hotel rooms have a dedicated work space where you can set up your research station. Breakfast is available every morning, and the rooms are equipped with a kitchenette. There is a Starbucks and a Sainsburys grocery store on the same complex as the hotel. There are a number of eateries within a short walk from the hotel.


All of the participants in her tours love her and appreciate all of the hard work that she puts in to ensure that the time they spend in Scotland is productive and great fun

Dates for 2018: May 7-16, 2018


Testimonials from Tour Participants

​"The pre-tour webinars and preparation helped me immensely. I was prepared ahead and ready to research when I got to each place"

"Walking on the same soil my ancestors walked provided a sense of "coming home" for me"

I can't wait to go again! Please organize another tour soon. 

I can't wait to share my tour experience with my genealogy society when I get back home. It was the best experience and I hope some of them will join you next year

"The location is ideal. We could walk through history. Our tour director was very knowledgable. She gave us insights we wouldn't have had if we had traveled on our own"


​​ "You did an excellent job organizing the whole trip and paving the way for our research. Each location was waiting for us"

Christine was awesome! So organized. So knowledgeable. I loved her little "pieces of useless information" She gave each of us her time and attention. She checked in  with us every day to see how our research was going and if we were stuck, she offered alternatives to try. Christine gave us the flexibility we needed to make the trip work for OUR needs. I can't wait to come back on another tour with her.